Applications, extensions, websites & more. Active

A website for the Buttfumble fantasy football league.

CS:GO Clarity Active CS:GO Clarity

Simplifies chat text and friends list statuses for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

dynmap-structures Active dynmap-structures

A Bukkit plugin that shows your world's structures (such as Villages, Strongholds, and Pyramids) on Dynmap. Active

A website for the Incarcerated Wombats band. Active

A personal website for KovuTheHusky.

pokemon-medals Active pokemon-medals

Generates icons for Pokémon GO medals from official assets. Active

Status for KovuTheHusky's service(s). Active

Occupancy tracker script and website for The Cliffs climbing and fitness gyms (DUMBO, Harlem, LIC, Valhalla, and Callowhill).

FixChat Inactive FixChat

Simple plugin for Bukkit that makes chatting with your friends in game, and on Dynmap much easier.

NBT Inactive NBT

An easy to use and easy to build upon library for reading and writing NBT files used by Minecraft.

SimplyUHC Inactive SimplyUHC

A plugin for Bukkit servers that is a lightweight, easy way to play Minecraft Ultra Hardcore with friends.

1337Player Unsupported

Allows you to place the elite, rare elite, rare, or normal graphic around your character portrait in World of Warcraft. Unsupported

Dynamic components for KovuTheHusky's personal website.

ShareTube Unsupported

Adds a download button beneath videos on YouTube pages.

Countdown Suspended

Counts down to a list of user-specified events.

Huskish Suspended

Jokey encoder with options for cipher and adding garbage.

P1ngP0ng Suspended

Pings the specified address repeatedly.

SortVisualization Suspended SortVisualization

An application that lets you watch, listen to, and learn about computer sciences' complex sorting algorithms.

Speedtest Suspended

Collects speed test data and displays graphs of that data.

AirPlay-Chrome Abandoned

Adds an AirPlay button beneath videos on YouTube pages.

Steam Link Fixer Abandoned

Replace onclick attributes with actual links on Steam pages.

Webstats Abandoned Webstats

Collects statistics about players and blocks and shows them on the web.

Wifimote Abandoned

Wifi connected remote control software. WIP

Documentation for the MyFursona API. WIP

A website for the Modus Awperandi esports team.

MyFursona WIP MyFursona

Meta project for all discussion, documentation, and issues. WIP

A social networking website for furries. Go furpile! WIP

Status for the MyFursona service(s).

telegram-gifv WIP

Creates videos that will appear as GIFs in Telegram.

BaseTime Unknown

College project that explores class inheritance.

Challenge Unknown

College project that converts input to different bases.

CountLetters Unknown

College project that counts letters in a text file.

DiskQueue Unknown

College project that explores a disk request queue algorithm.

FindFile Unknown

College project that finds a file in a directory.

Justify Unknown

College project that wraps text from a text file on the command line.

KovuTheHusky Unknown

Longwood Robotics Unknown

High school project that was a website for the FIRST robotics team.

Longwood Webmasters Unknown

High school project that was a website for extracurricular activities.

Morse Unknown

College project that converts input to morse code.

Spiral Unknown

College project that draws a spiral.